My poor little precious writing blog

My poor little precious blog. I have neglected you for so long! My early excitement has waned and now you sit all alone. For many months with nothing and no soul. I also find myself alone with my precious writing group disbanded only by physical presence do I realize that this is so. In virtual time we can still exist but I do miss them. So onward I go and hopefully this drive will keep me here more so. That I may be never be too far from you again my little precious writing blog!


Bring On Fall 2012

Around this time of year I start to get more excited and eager about fall. I associate it with renewals, rebirths, and new energy! It could be the start of school in the air. It could be knowing there is only 4 months before the start of the Christmas countdown. It just might be the feel of the crisp air! All around it’s time for new beginnings, many hot chocolates, and my laptop! For some reason I get more ideas and more urges to SLOW DOWN and WRITE! 

As I reflect back on this summer and evaluate my 2012 goals…I reserve the right to be a very good friend to myself! The spring/ summer 2012 goals did not go as planned or the way I wanted. Yes, life does get in the way sometimes and other priorities take over. I have to accept that for now I will have to write, edit, and read in between my family and work responsibilities. So as I settle into the new fall 2012 I am hopeful, kind, forgiving, and happy! Time for some new goals this fall 2012!

1. Enter Nanowrimo November 2012 as a Rebel- I will have to contain myself as I have many ideas swirling around but Tortilla Girl must be finished!

2. Make a commitment to blog once a week! I can’t believe that I have let this go since May 30th. Well…that is how the summer has really been! Busy.

3. Edit Tortilla Girl by December 2012 and have it some form that is ready for submission!

4. Write the dreaded query letter by January 2013.

5. Send out manuscript and query for Tortilla Girl by February 2013!

I think these goals are doable! They are more focused than my previous goals and they have more meaning I think as I really want to finish my first novel in complete submission form! I”m eager to get started and keep moving forward so bring on fall 2012!



What am I Reading Write Now? Hooked & Slide

I’m flipping back and forth on my kindle between two great books that I think will help me on my quest to revise my novel. The first is a non fiction book I downloaded last year for free during the nanowrimo November craze. It’s called Hooked: Write Fiction that Grabs the Reader and Never Lets them Go by Les Edgerton! Okay….I now see the error of my ways and what I totally did wrong on my first five chapters! This book is really great and teaches you the fundamentals of what a great story should have. I wish I would have read this book awhile ago! Overall it’s providing me with great insight into how to revise and re-energize my book… Tortilla Girl. The other book I’m reading is called Slide by Jill Hathaway that is a young adult fiction book that I think fits in with the genre I’m trying to break into. So far this book looks promising and a great read for the summer. I plan to make this a monthly blog post and read at least two books that can help me keep my momentum going for Tortilla Girl. Excited that I am able to get hooked and slilde into an enjoyable readable summer! 

The Calling To Write

                                                            The Calling To Write

The calling to write has gnawed at me from a young age and continues to bite at me harder with every year that passes. It’s an incessant drive that doesn’t go away. It’s been there ever since I discovered my fascination and great appreciation for books, papers, and pens. Growing up on the island of Hawaii I can remember asking my mother to please buy me yellow pads of paper and pens. On the misty shores of Monterey, California I can remember attending school and loosing myself in the stories of dinosaurs and the creepy Bloody Mary. Rambling my way through Texas I can remember late evening hours spent in the library discovering amazing books that kept me from phoning home and thus worrying my mother. In the rolling hills of Virginia, pure happiness was my father buying me a book, reading it, collecting it, and then doing it all over again!

When the time came to waive goodbye to the greenery of Virginia as I entered on my path towards young adulthood this calling to write would remain ever present but dormant.  Always lying in wait with the fears of youth, the insecurities, and the practicalities of life. Time was on my side and I could always come back to it and wait for a better occasion. Something always got in the way and something always took precedence above it. But there it stood never wavering and always hovering close enough for me to feel it as I moved along traveling through the joys of love, happiness, and sunny smiles. Then there it would be to nuzzle closer to me like a true friend during the passing moments of young adult disappointments, loneliness, and loss.

Now I find myself back in these green hills of Virginia, in the midst of those spring and summer rainstorms that spawn creativity, and with life’s constant oppression of practicalities still hanging over me like a noose. I have returned full circle to settle and have come to the realization with some bitterness that there was never ever going to be a right time. Though throughout the years this calling to write remained patient and mild mannered as time was always there.  But somewhere along the way when the hard realization ousted itself, it morphed into a complex, angry, and full-blown entity that shouts at me, “YOU MUST WRITE”!

Daily and with constant messages I feel guilty when I can’t write. I really want to and time is so precious to me that I now I ask myself do I want another year of this? The nudges and the urges are no longer nice but hard shoves for me to get in the middle of it. Get in the trenches and encase myself into this new exciting world of writing transformed now with all of the delights of technology. E-publishing and social networks are a long way from the old days of paper and pen and handwritten letter submissions to writing contests. I find myself accepting of this fact and embrace it by learning all I can about this new techie advanced writing world. I can always see the inspirations and serendipioutous moments everywhere to write. The only difference now is that I’m no longer dabbling in the delights but instead I’m more conscious of it than ever before and realize I should not have let this calling to write go on for so long. Write away I go!

Writing Contests for 2012!

Writing Contests for 2012!

I have found it! In my quest to complete my 2012 goals I have found a great resource and website that lists several different options for writing contests in the areas of fiction and poetry. The website is http://www.poets& There are endless possibilities of contests to submit my work to and I plan to select two that capture my interest. I”m taking the plunge! As soon as I select the poetry and fiction contests I will update my blog! Yeah and double yeah!!!

My 2012 Writing Goals

I must apologize for lack of posting or really my lack of nothing. I have been so busy lately and now things have slowed down that I can concentrate on my writing. So I have started returning to my inspirational writing group: The Fredericksburg Writers Group! I always find that I leave the meeting with lots of inspiration, new ideas, and a great amount of support to continue to keep on writing. So my first post for 2012 will be to post my 2012 Goals for second quarter.

Now, I have heard that if you do write something down, you are actually making a commitment and more likely to complete those goals. So here goes! My 2012 Goals are as follows:

1. Edit my Tortilla Girl Novel Chapters 1-5
2. Research more information on novel
3. Blog once a week about writing
4. Enter one writing contest
5. Enter one poetry writing contest

So I will keep you posted on my progress! Happy Writing